After the successful launch of last Decembers, Virtual Summit, we would like to announce the continuation of our Summit Series during the first quarter of 2021.* During the Summit Series, we will explore the markets of double-sided commercial offset printing. packaging solutions and digital solutions.


27 January, 2021

Perfecting in Commercial Print

Komori has a history in building solid, robust and low maintenance perfectors and long perfectors such as the G40P and GX40P, but also solutions that will inspire those who dare to be different.

February 2021

Packaging Solutions

The packaging market is a trending and emerging segment in the printing industry. Komori has an arsenal of instruments available that offer the highest standards of technical and logistical printing solutions. Large size format and thick substrate printing up to 44-inch is truly realized.

To be announced

Digital Solutions

Digital printing is a revolution in the industry. With our Impremia IS29 being at the forefront. Through our revolutionary design, we uphold our promise to those who choose for a wide colour gamut in the highest colour density. The final episode in the series will take an in-depth look at Inkjet and Nanographic™ printing.

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  • Date : 27 January, 2021
  • Time : 10.00 AM To 11.00 AM
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